Lumie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lipstick

Cupcake and Maple

I’ve been hovering over the Buy button over at Lumie Cosmetics for a while now, but I’d never quite decided to take the plunge.  I have quite a few liquid lipsticks already, and Colourpop currently win the prize for me in terms of formula and colour selection.  But so many people have great things to say about Lumie, and at £9 per lipstick I just couldn’t resist any longer!

Lumie Cosmetics packaging
Cupcake and Maple


The lipsticks arrived in white cardboard packaging with Lumie Cosmetics London printed in gold.  It’s a simple and stylish little box, and it has the ingredients, net volume (6.6ml) and the cruelty-free logo printed on it too.

The actual packaging of the lipstick is sleek, clear plastic with a glossy black cap, and Lumie Cosmetics London printed on the tube in black.  Inside there’s your standard doe-foot applicator, and it’s the perfect size IMO.  Small enough that you can apply with precision, but not so small that it leaves streaks in your application.

I ordered two colours: Cupcake, a deep pink, and Maple, a brick red.

The Formula

Firstly, there’s a hint of a sweet scent.  It makes me think of coconut and sun tan lotion, or maybe that’s just my ghostly skin begging for a bit of sun. The scent didn’t linger long after application.  There’s nowt worse than a sickly, overpowering stench wafting under your nose all day, especially if the lipstick is meant to be long-wearing.

The formula goes on smoothly, dries down quickly, and – miracle of miracles – doesn’t crack if you dare to smile! It feels like nothing on my lips; maybe the slightest hint of tackiness, but only if i really press my lips together hard.

Now for the ultimate test – drinking coffee out of a white mug.  I waited five minutes to make sure that it was fully dry, and then had a drink.  There was the tiniest mark of colour on my mug afterwards, but it was only a speck about a milimetre wide, and I think it’s mostly because I overapplied in the centre of my bottom lip.  So I had another drink of coffee, and this time, there was no colour transfer at all.


Lumie Cosmetics - Cupcake
Lumie Cosmetics - Maple

The formula goes on smoothly, dries down quickly, and – miracle of miracles – doesn’t crack if you dare to smile!

Lumie Cosmetics - Swatches


Maple (right swatch, and closeup below) isn’t the colour I would usually go for.  I tend to shy away from brown tones, and this is a deep red with quite a strong, brick coloured undertone.  But there are so many pictures of other pale ladies rocking this shade that I had to give it a go, and I’m glad I did!  In real life there is definitely more of a brown tint than in this picture, but there’s still enough red in there that you aren’t rocking a full-on 90s brown pout.

Lumie Cosmetics - Maple


Cupcake (left swatch, and closeup below) is a deep pink not-quite-red.  It’s muted enough not to be in your face, but is packed full of lovely pigment.  I can see this being a staple go-to colour when I want to look polished, but not like I’m off to an awards ceremony.

Lumie Cosmetics - Cupcake closeup


I’ve been wearing Maple for a good couple of hours now, and drank the rest of my massive coffee.  The colour is still going strong – it looks exactly like I did when I first applied it – and there’s still no cracking or separation when I smile or talk.  Most impressive of all, my lips still don’t feel any drier than they did before I put the lipstick on.  Usually after I’ve worn a matte liquid lip for a couple of hours, it starts to feel like my lips are going to shrivel up and die.  Not so with Lumie.  I can eat, drink, talk and let my hyperactive three year old climb over me without worrying that I will have lipstick all the way to my chin and ears.

The only downside is that there’s currently only five shades to choose from, but fingers crossed that they will expand more over time.  Will I buy more?  With this formula and at this price point, almost definitely!


Lumie Cosmetics Collage
Cupcake (left) and Maple (right) swatches

Both Cupcake and Maple were purchased by me with my own money.  I have no affiliation with Lumie Cosmetics.